Starting June 1st 2016 our agility field will no longer have agility equipment in it.  The field will still be available for rent at the same rates: $5 per rental or $20 per month however it will no longer have any of the equipment in it.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may bring.


Turn your dog or children loose when another dog is in the field


– If you notice someone is waiting please limit your session to 15 minutes. When that person is finished (15 minutes) you can resume training the original dog or another dog.
– Potty your dog outside of the field prior to going in.
– Pick up after your dog (both inside and outside of the field). There is a pooper scooper in the field under the tree to the north. The bucket with the long handled lid is the proper disposal container. You may also dispose of bagged poop in this container. the garbage can is for GARBAGE.
– Close both gates (2) when leaving, check to see that they are closed/locked prior to going in if your dog might leave.
– Respect others that are using the field.
– Have fun and ask if you have any questions.
– While the field is secure, Hyline Hotel For Dogs LLC is not responsible for dogs or people who escape or injure themselves in the field. Use at your own risk.