Do you work long days and often come home to an energetic pup?

They might have spent the whole day snoozing or even getting up to no good. Let our daycare experts exercise your dog while you are at work, giving them the activity, mental stimulation, care and socialization they deserve. At the end of the day they will be all tuckered out, ready to curl up and relax with you. A tired dog is a happy dog! Hyline has the most unique daycare program in the county. Daycares in Whatcom County have 25+ dogs in one play group and the only outdoor action they get is a concrete slab. At Hyline we never have playgroups larger than 10 dogs and most of our groups average less than 6 dogs. Furthermore, we not only have 3 indoor play areas, we also have 25 outdoor play yards for our guests to burn off that extra energy. We are now excited to offer two daycare programs: Kennel Daycare, and Play and Learn. We are able to include any dog (even if you’ve been turned down by other daycares) into our program. Come check out why our daycare guests are #Hylinehappy!

Kennel Daycare


Our kennel daycare is ideal for dogs that prefer to play in smaller groups, get too excited around other dogs, or prefer to run around in the countryside without other pups. Our kennel daycare mirrors our award winning boarding program where your dog will be able to go out with small groups of friends and run around the country fields. They will start playing immediately upon reaching Hyline, and will get a mid-day treat and a nap before some vigorous afternoon play. By the time they are ready to go home your pup will be tired and ready to relax by your side.

Play & Learn Daycare


This interactive daycare experience combines the physical outlet of playtime with the mental stimulation of structured group activities. Perfect for dogs who are comfortable playing with larger groups of friends while also interacting with a handler. We schedule a full day a fun complete with outdoor activities, indoor group work, and a midday nap to prevent over stimulation. Play & Learn gives your dog the benefits of running around in the grass and fresh air, and also provides organized games designed to reinforce obedience and socialization. Using positive reinforcement and clicker training our daycare handlers work with each dog teaching tricks, manners, dog-to-dog communication, and other canine skills. At the end of the day your dog will be exercised and socialized.

*An additional $4 will be added to daycare prices for last-minute reservations made after 6 pm or the morning of ($28 total)

New Customer Info

At Hyline we know that you will love our service and facility. To fully show you what we offer; we are excited to offer your dog’s first day at daycare or boarding for free. Upon your first arrival at Hyline our staff will administer a temperament test for your dog and ask you some questions. As we have a unique property within the Bellingham area, even dogs who are turned down from other daycares can find a home at Hyline! Both mental and physical health is Hyline’s number one priority and we want to make sure that your dog is in a program that will suit their needs. Whether your dog needs more individualized attention or would thrive in a bigger group of dogs, we will find the best program to fit your dog’s personality. All guests are required to be up-to-date with their Distemper, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations.